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Be a SAP Certified Professional! Our SAP certification courses are intensive training, focusing on the integration of 11 different business processes in SAP ERP® and is taught by certified SAP® instructors. The course concludes with the certification exam. Upon passing the exam you will be designated an SAP CERTIFIED BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL. For more information visit: / 713-977-0566 /  832-868-3067 Enrollment questions please contact -

• Receive focused, specialized training in SAP ERP® - a state of the art software used by multi-national companies around the world.

• Perform key business processes in order to understand integration points and key controls of SAP ERP®.

• Increase your marketability to prospective employers.

• SAP training is portable and is recognized globally across industries

• SAP is the world's largest business solution provider

• SAP is used by over 87% of Fortune 1000 companies

Salaries for certified SAP in industry range from $45,000 - $100,000

Junior, Senior, or Graduate students who have taken at least three courses with SAP ERP® are eligible to sign up.


St. Michael's Learning Academy is a private high school that is Nationally Accredited. Students earn their High School Diploma and graduate faster.  There is no need to repeat previously passed courses and their are NO STAAR or TAKS requirements.  All classes are small and have experienced faculty.  Bring a copy of your transcript and a complimentary evaluation will be provided for you. Call 713-977-0566 for more information on how you can move on to your next opportunity in life. Summer Credit Recovery Program grades 9-12 is being offered June 4- 29 and again July 9 - August 3, 2018 (Monday - Friday). Computers and certified teachers are provided. In addition, St. Michael's also provides local training for SAP and PMP for your next career opportunity. Please also visit or email: for more information on how you can complete your high school diploma or attend the START STEM Summer events.

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Do you need to finish High School? Finish what you’ve started: Graduate Faster, Affordable Tuition, Receive credit for completed courses, Small classrooms & experienced faculty, No STAAR or TAKS exams! Earn Your Nationally Accredited High School Diploma at St. Michael’s Learning Academy.